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UDC/BKS Personal Hygiene
Body odor (#1 worst offender!).

  • Shower if possible beforehand.

  • Wear a CLEAN shirt.

  • Use a generous amount of deodorant.

  • Go easy on perfumes/colognes (use after bathing NOT instead of)

Halitosis (Bad breath).

  • Brush teeth/tongue; floss; use mouth wash.

  • Gum helps. Breath mints are good but only last for about 1/2 hour.

  • Try not to eat garlic, onions, and spicy foods before dancing

  • Drink plenty of fluids (Water).

Rough and scaly hands

  • Use hand creams specially formulated for rough, dry hands.

  • Wash hands frequently, especially during cold/flu season.

Hand Towels a necessity

  • Come in handy to clean your sweat away as frequently as you need.

  • Minimises touching of your face with bare hands

Bring extra dance practice-wear

  • When it becomes too wet, change to another dry shirt to stay fresh and clean.

UDC/BKS Etiquette

What’s on your person?

  • NO dangling keys/wallets–they can hurt someone.

  • Remove watches — can get caught in the lady’s hair.

  • Avoid rings and belts with sharp or pointed edges.

  • Hoop or dangling earrings can also catch and be dangerous. Less is always best when it comes to jewelry.

Try to introduce yourself and dance with one “new face” or someone you haven’t danced with for awhile.

  • Introduce that new member to someone else when you’re done. This should help newcomers feel welcome and less intimidated.

Try not to say “NO” when asked to dance and then get up and dance with someone else. This is RUDE!

  • Please give a reason: I’m resting, visiting, take a rain check, etc.

  • Sometimes a “no thank you” is in order if, the person is drunk, inappropriate, etc. On the other hand, if you’re turned down, gracefully take “no” for an answer.

When dancing with someone, be attentive to that partner for those three minutes.

  • Looking around at other dancers may make your partner feel like you’d rather be dancing with someone else and can’t wait for the song to be over.

  • Some eye contact is good – BUT, unless you’re in a romantic relationship, staring too intently into your partner’s eyes can make him/her feel very uncomfortable.

Please practice dance floor courtesy as well as dance floor etiquette.

  • Always apologize (a smile helps) whenever you bump into someone on the dance floor, even if it was not your fault. It helps build dancers’ reputations as “friendly and courteous”.

Want to be asked to dance again? Don’t criticize your dance partner on the dance floor.

  • Don’t say things like “you aren’t leading”, “you can’t follow” or worse, “you need to take dance lessons!”

  • UNLESS ASKED, leave the critiquing to the dance instructor during class time.

  • Dance at your partner’s level and NOT above it.

Experienced dancers: Take the time to dance and give your support to the less experienced dancers.

  • Beginning dancers: Don’t be shy. Feel free to introduce yourself as a new member and don’t be afraid of asking someone you don’t know well to dance.

  • PLEASE don’t be intimidated by the good dancers but rather be INSPIRED!

Spread the Wealth.

  • The other dancers waiting for partners will truly appreciate having more opportunities to dance with you!

  • It is perfectly fine to dance just ONE dance with the person you are dancing with unless you are on a date or have specific moves you are working on.

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